State of the Homeless: More Need, Less Funding

05 May

The Attorney General of New York must begin to investigate all service providers and organizations contracted by New York City Department of Homeless Service, (DHS) who embezzle the funds, harass and exploit their homeless clients because it is a heinous crime to do that to the weakest and most vulnerable members of the society, a wickedness that God will never forgive. Please follow us, like us, and support us in our fight to end crimes against and exploitation of homeless people in America and New York specifically by Department of Homeless Service and the Service providers and organization they contracted to operate the shelters, who are unabashed parasites, criminals and fraudsters.

Elizabeth Lombino

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State of the Homeless: More Need, Less Funding

This past week Coalition for the Homeless released its State of the Homeless 2010 report and Rich attended the press conference. Coalition, for short, is an advocacy and direct service nonprofit serving homeless men, women and children in New York City. (Disclosure: Rich has worked at Coalitionsince 2004). Together with The Legal Aid Society, Coalition brought and won the class action lawsuits that guaranteed the right to shelter for homeless New Yorkers decades ago.

The thrust of this year’s State of the Homeless report is saving funding for homeless services programs. Governor David Paterson, currently involved in numerous scandalsand possibly on the verge of resigning, has proposed budget cuts of over $100 million in homeless services in an effort to close a statewide budget deficit. This would have a profound effect on the…

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