Cuomo and de Blasio Clash Again, This Time Over Homelessness

05 May

New York City is already spending enough money (more than $1 billion) to address the homeless problem in New York City.
The problem is that much of that money is being embezzled and squandered by the criminal and fraudulent service providers and organizations contracted by New York City Department Of Homeless Service, (DHS) because of their incompetence and lack of supervision and the audit of their contractors.
DHS equally neglect and disregard all complaints from homeless people (their clients) and 98% of the time, they support their criminal contractors against their clients, (the homeless people from New York that they are being paid more than $1 billions to help.)
$1 Billion is a lot of money and is more than the GNP and budgets of some countries in the world with a couple of millions of citizens. And yet the population of homeless New Yorkers is about 50,000 (more or less!)
This is one of the biggest unknown and unexposed crimes against humanity and scandals in New York City!
The Attorney General of New York must begin to investigate all service providers and organizations contracted by New York City Department of Homeless Service, (DHS) who embezzle the funds, harass and exploit their homeless clients because it is a heinous crime to do that to the weakest and most vulnerable members of the society, a wickedness that God will never forgive.
Please follow us, like us, and support us in our fight to end crimes against and exploitation of homeless people in America and New York specifically by Department of Homeless Service (DHS) and the Service providers and organization they contracted to operate the shelters, who are unabashed parasites, dangerous predators, criminals and fraudsters.

Path to a Permanent Home

In the latest New York  Times Article, titled, “Cuomo and de Blasio Clash Again, This Time Over Homelessness” The latest battle between Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio is currently about the homelessness issue in the city.  During his mayoral campaign, Mr. de Blasio promised to restore a rent subsidy program to help homeless families stay out of shelters. The Bloomberg administration created one such program, called Advantage, which was partially paid for by the state and the federal government, but ended it after the state withdrew funding in 2011. Since then, the number of people sleeping in city shelters each night has surged to over 50,000. This number of people without a home is posterous, when we live in city that has such wealth and opportunities.  The mayors office shared a proposal that would offer subsidies to up to 2,800 families a year, costing a total of $21…

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