COHONY-Council Of Homeless New Yorkers Official Blog-Welcome!



Hello Welcome to the official blog of Council of Homeless New Yorkers, COHONY COHONY-Council Of Homeless New Yorkers is made up of past and present homeless New York City residents who have come together as one body due to their common experience of homelessness in New York to help themselves in resolving all the problems they have with Department Of Homeless Services Of New York, DHS, the service providers and organizations that they contracted that exploit homeless people and are getting rich at their expenses, as well as all the medical, psychiatric and legal problems that they grapple with daily. cuomo-and-deblasio-mayors-office COHONY is being sponsored and have the tacit support of  three billionaires (two from New York City and one from outside,) 5 largest Corporations in New York City, 100 churches nationwide, 7 human and civil rights advocacy groups, three law firms, a UN organization,  and 10 publicly elected officials of New York City as well as 1000 individual and concerned New Yorkers. (We shall appreciate more supports from anywhere) 171811   It is obvious from their daily experiences that many homeless advocates who claim to be working to help the homeless people of New Yorkers are shams and all that they care about is using homelessness and homeless people to get rich. 16 For this reason, 24 present and former homeless New Yorkers have formed an underground advocacy group called Council Of Homeless New Yorkers, COHONY  so that they would begin to competently address their common problems, and to fight to protect, defend and help themselves in their goal to find affordable housing, jobs and move on to productive, fruitful and decent lives. 45 We’ll appreciate not only New York City media but national and world media, elected officials at City, state and national levels to help us help ourselves in our quest to end our plight and get back into the mainstream of the society and become lawful, productive and happy New Yorkers that we have always been until our present predicament began.

Thank you Secretary General, COHONY Phone: 1- 206-426-0848 Facebook: Phone: 1- 206-426-0848


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